Ignorance (Song)

July 2012 – Ignorance

I wrote this song recently for two reasons. First due to my serious frustration of getting no diagnosis or help after the severe worsening of my condition late last year.

Second, I have heard far too many stories now of people with CFS/ME and other related “invisible illness” getting treated terribly (See my other page “Please don’t leave us in the Shadows”), and this song is also dedicated to them.. to all of you living with this.

One day soon, I hope something more will be found, so we will be treated more respectfully and supported, like those with cancer, MS, lupus or other well known illneses which have a support system set in place, instead of having to fight so hard just to get any care or help.


Something wrong, It’s plain to see
Cannot find, what’s wrong with me
I beg & plead, on my knees
Well not quite, but metaphorically


They don’t know, what I feel within
But they don’t care, beacuse it isn’t them
I told them all, it would come to this
But they don’t hear, ’cause ignorance is bliss




2 Responses to “Ignorance (Song)”

  1. Chris, First. What a talent You have with your music! My prayers are with You that God will bring You His Haaling touch or proper medical treatment! Thanx for putting this together for all of us to share! God Bless, a Fibro/CFS sufferrer too!

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