CFS & Poor Detoxification

“Why does my body work so.. slowly?”

By my own first hand experience, combined with the research findings of many world top CFS/ME Dr’s, specialists & researchers, I am convinced that a major part of CFS and its symptoms for a certain percent of patients, are largely related to poor liver detoxification & processing. Along with of course the usual over reactive immune responses & endocrine dysfunctions. This has been repeatedly shown in individuals with CFS who have very low glutathione levels (the bodies’ major detoxifying substance). Mine personally is extremely low. Glutathione is such a protective substance, our no.1 detoxifier and antioxidant. With very low levels, the body cells are prone to toxic insult, free radical damage etc, which significantly lowers the mitochondrial ability to efficiently produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate – human energy production).

This leaves toxins floating around in the body too long and all of the CFS symptoms of toxicity (& hence poor energy production) including severe fatigue, post exertional malaise, muscle & joint pain, headaches, digestive problems/IBS, neurological symptoms, sensory overload etc, ensue.

I think for me personally, (and many others that are at a severe level of CFS), I am genetically a poor detoxifier. Second, being a noob and doing alot of dumb things as a teenager (as one does), did not fare well with this type of genetic makeup. Regular teen things like drinking on occasion smoking here & there, lots of gluten and processed foods etc, though didn’t do much harm to the average kid, but was by far not a great idea for someone sensitive like me. Not to mention YEARS of antbiotics for acne , and taking tons of regular pain killers like paracetamol (tylenol) and codeine for the daily headaches I had.

Years of those daily can be liver poison for someone sensitive like me. Paracetemol (tylenol) is medically well known to be hepatoxic (liver toxic) in general. Too much can impair certain liver detox pathways/enzyme systems (cytochrome P450), and seriously deplete glutathione stores.

Had I known what I know now I would’ve stayed away from all the bad stuff, not touched drink or smokes etc (not that I smoked much at all anyway). I also would’ve been on a gluten & dairy free mostly plant based diet. I grew up on the regular standard diet including plenty of whole wheat, dairy & packaged foods, as did most. But back then there was no where near the common knowledge of how much gluten/dairy can effect sensitive individuals health as there is today. It’s possible that I could be a stronger, more well functioning person to this day having done the above (to a degree with such a sensitive delicate system). That and not getting amalgam (mercury) fillings put in my teeth at age 20 (why on earth the decided to put one of the most toxic substances on the planet in peoples teeth is beyond me). However, hindsight, evil thing that it is, is always 20/20 right? Many regular people however, can take a lifetimes’ righteous hammering to their liver, doing much worse things their entire life than what I did just in those few short teen years, but little did I know my limits, and thus is the nature of the canary. It’s likely with my body the way it is, I would have gotten these problems anyway, but possibly not to as severe degree, guess I’ll never know.

“Delayed Functioning”

Why with CFS do so many of us feel dreadful in the morning, barely able to get up or eat, weak and struggling for most of the day, then gradually get better as the day goes on.. especially by evening? Often then (finally) get some appetite, ability to eat more, feel more alert, etc. Then however.. often also unable to sleep late at night? Seems to be the way it goes for a large subset of CFS patients like myself, as I’ve discovered over the years.

Part of this may be that the liver & detox system can’t process normal every day toxins & metabolites (that includes metabolic by-products of normal food digestion etc), it takes the body ‘too long’ to process everything. Therefore we are laying around ‘waiting’ for our functions to kick in. All biochemical functions & body processes become delayed. The worse the CFS, the worse this phenomena can be. This isn’t the picture for all cases as some do function better early morning and day time, but my 12+ years of research has showed me it is a possible occurrence for a certain degree of patients. You’ll certainly know what I’m talking about if you’re one of them.


Also, a big part of it for me may have been amalgam fillings/mercury & heavy metal poisoning. Again, this is a big concern and contributor to many CFS patients, as far as I’ve seen and heard from so many (See: Evidence supporting a link between dental amalgams and chronic illness, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and suicideΒ on Being such a poor detoxifier (as are many CFS patients), I should NEVER have had mercury fillings put in. There’s that damn 20/20 again. I have been mostly housebound and at times bed bound, which has been very hard over the years to be able to get out to get it done. However! I finally managed to get them out at a Holistic Dental Clinic close to the hospital I was in during August/Sept 2012. Am glad it’s finally done. Mercury toxicity can jam up the body systems including many enzyme pathways, increase oxidative stress / alter redox balance, and make general biochemistry very dysfunctional. It is one of the most toxic substances known to man. Mercury also depletes glutathione, and can also make one intolerant of taking glutathione! Which I’m certain is another major catch 22 for myself and many others in a similar position.

If you have amalgam fillings in and are strong enough to go out to appointments etc, I would not hesitate to have them removed, then start a gentle chelation protocol (to remove mercury & other metals from the body). Andy Cutlers protocol is a good one. It’s very low dose & gradual, but can be very effective. Some chelation protocols are very harsh, too hard on a weak CFS body, and can leave one worse off if toxins/metals are mobilised & unable to be eliminated efficiently. Liquid zeolite can help a lot too, as can bentonite clay baths & the supplement chlorella. These draw out metals & other toxins from the body but are more gentle than the medical grade chelators (IV EDTA, DMPS or DMSA – though these too can help if tolerated. I’d advise trying the others first with a knowledgeable Dr though).


If you tolerate Glutathione (GSH) you are one lucky individual! And yes I’m going to type that with a capital G, it is worthy. If you tolerate it, it can completely change your life in a very short time. I’ve heard many stories of people so sick, even near death, who discovered (and tolerated) glutathione, and their lives completely turned around. There are many forms. IV glutathione either on it’s own or part of a Myers Cocktail is one of the best methods, but needs regular visits to integrative Dr’s that do them & can be expensive. If you can get there & afford it, worth while trying. Otherwise the other methods are: liposomal glutathione (Redisorb), Nebulized, transdermal, or the precursor NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine, an amino acid which is easily converted by the body to glutathione).

Vitamin C

Taking vitamin C with GSH helps it work even better as they are synergistic. Vitamin C actually works similarly to glutathione, in the aspect that it has a HUGE array of benefits, with very little chance of side effects. In fact as I tell people pretty much every day, vitamin C is the most important supplements anyone with CFS/ME, FM, Lyme and associated illnesses can possibly take. I will do another page on Vitamin C alone as it is that important. Taking at least 5-6 grams a day up to 20grams (as tolerated) vitamin C powder (sodium ascorbate such as Prof Linus Pauling used in his work) in water over the day every day. Most notice a difference and for many it can be huge! It is helpful especially for people like me who cannot tolerate glutathione. In these cases vitamin C steps in and does a lot of the work glutathione does in quenching systemic oxidation, by being an electron donor (one of the most important things to treat in CFS), it also heals and repairs all body tissues.

There are many other methods of detoxification one can try, such as FIR or near saunas, bentonite clay baths, certain temporary detox diets (such as those used and mentioned frequently in the 5000 year old ancient medicine system of Ayurveda), and much more.

Unfortunately for me and some that are very severe, we are extremely sensitive to many / most supplements and detox treatments, and can’t do enough of all this to make a significant impact. We can do what we can and combined they can and do definitely improve life! I know I’ve saved my own life with these methods. But for so many that are able to tolerate most or all of them, they are among the best things to try, and can literally save your life as they did mine.

Some great information by world top CFS researchers that back up this information:

One of the best, by Rich Van Konyenburg PhD:
Augmenting Glutathione in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) by Rich Van Konynenburg

More by Rich Van K:
Glutathione and the Methylation Cycle

For a great in depth read on Liver function in CFS, check out the Medical Insider page:

Interesting article by Andreas Moritz (Author of the Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush book), on CFS/FM and the liver/toxic involvement:
Root Cause of Fibromyalgia and CFS

From Environmental Illness Resource:
“What is certain is that low glutathione leads to fatigue and muscle weakness and pain due to its role in energy metabolism. Low glutathione also results in oxidative stress, meaning that highly reactive oxygen molecules are not neutralized and are thus free to roam the body damaging cells and interfering with potentially any body system.”

This is one of the most amazing videos you’ll ever see, demonstrating the power of Glutathione:

There is lots more info if you just google CFS & Glutathione.

Simple Detox Diet

A quick easy detox diet to try from ancient Ayurvedic medicine, is simply 7-14 days of clean water, herbal teas, fresh vegetable juices, lots of organic fruit & vegetables (steamed) and basmati rice. No meat, eggs, beans, and very little to no fats. No tomato, nightshades or citrus fruits, nor caffeine, alcohol etc during this time. You can even eliminate grains altogether as a test, even rice. Eating *only* fruit and vegetables for a while is *amazing*, and people can’t even believe how well they could possibly feel. This really gives the liver and gut a chance to rest from digesting heavy proteins and fats, and do some major repair & detox work around the body. Many people feel incredible after this, especially if one lives on a standard diet. Plus it is easy to try, unlike many harsh detox cleanses out there.

I have tried probably over $100,000 worth of treatments since all this started. I can tell you now that so many things just do not work for us, and some *really* do. The above mentioned are a few that have had the biggest impact for me and many others.

There are many more specific dietary and supplement protocols to discuss, including medical grade & other supplements that really do help. Will try to cover some of those in other posts and videos. I can’t always keep up with emails and questions that I get, but feel free to send me one and i’ll get back to it when I can. I am now doing Skype calls for people that might like to discuss these things, otherwise feel free to try what I’ve mentioned above with your practitioners OK. Leave a comment and let me know if you’ve tried any of these or other similar things πŸ™‚


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  1. This is me to a tee … very low glutathione, cant tolerate supplements or meds and cant even tolerate the detox diets, so really stuck! Thanks for posting, it’s nice to know there are others out there in the same boat πŸ™‚

    • Yeah it’s a massive problem. I’ve found often the worse the CFS, the worse this problem can be. It’s not always the reason for severity of CFS, but VERY often now I’ve found. I’m trying hard to find ways to improve the problems that actually stop us from being ABLE to tolerate glutathione. This would be key for so many severe cases.

  2. Hi,where can I buy a simple Glutathione supplement to try and what would I be looking for on the label?thanks for any help,I have severe CFS

    • Hi there. You can buy it many places. The best one to try is Liposomal Glutathione. Its a liquid with glutathione encased in a lipid solution, and is absorbed far better than any other oral form.

      You can buy it at many online health stores, just google it and they come up. Don’t use ordinary L-Glutathione capsules etc, as they dont absorb well at all. Also the benefit to this is you can start at really low doses like 1 drop, if you are very toxic. As often a full dose can create very strong detox reactions which are most unpleasant, if you are very low.

      Otherwise you can start by using NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine) which is a direct precursor to glutathione, and can be bought anywhere. Again, I’d break open a capsule and take a small amount to test first. Dose you can tolerate without significant side effects is the best to start at, then gradually build it up.

  3. Thank you very much! I am very unwell and also suffer fro very high cholesterol,but cant take Statins because of Fibromyalgia and very bad muscle pain.have you any suggestions that may help.I take wild salmon oil and krill oil but t no avail, thank you agin,Karen

    • I see, no good. Statins are bad anyway, for most people. The only time they should be used is low dose if someone has heart disease. I would’ve said fish oils! But already on them. Vitamin C in doses of 3-4 grams a day help to properly recycle and use cholesterol as it is needed, instead of settling in the wrong places.

      Read here:

      I’d definitely get thyroid properly checked too. Low thyroid or thyroid resistance, can cause high cholesterol. People taking T3 have very good cholesterol levels. Also temporarily a very low fat cleansing type vegan diet with brown rice, veggies and beans, along with taking the fish oils, can lower cholesterol a lot.

  4. Hi Chris – so sorry to hear how badly you are doing. This may sound superficial but I was very much feeling the way you are for some 10 years. I was at my wits end and did not know how I could continue living. I was truly desperate. I was taking every medication under the sun including cortisone – there were no answers and I just continued to get worse and worse . But it turned out and I had to find this out for myself – the answer was that I had given up smoking – I had the same issues – very bad on waking and during the day but getting better towards late afternoon and many of your other symptoms. Research shows that 4% of people who give up smoking become seriously ill or die. All I had to do was have a few cigarettes and I was COMPLETELY cured – it was truly a miracle – but by then I had Addisons and Cushings due to the cortisone. This may not be your problem but what I wanted to say was that sometimes the answer can be a more simple one – if nothing seems to be working medically . All the best to you

    • Thanks Linda. Very interesting story of yours. I could by no means live like this for 10 years, not in the state I’m in! Ive gotten so much worse in only 6 months. I was at a low but much more normal level before that (still mostly house bound, in pain, and barely functional, but I could at least still eat! And have minor windows of function at night). Interesting about smoking! Who would have thought? congrats on finding that πŸ™‚ It’s always nice to find an answer. I haven’t smoked myself, nor anything else, so no quick fixes for me. What have you done for your cushings? Has anything helped the damage? I think that’s a big part of my problem now also. ~C.

  5. Thank you Chris for posting this information.I am going to come back to it when i am feeling a little stronger. I am thinking of you and hope you have better days and are feeling a little stronger soon xx Meredith

  6. Somewhat related to the smoking thing, at 9:48 he tells an interesting story of a guy that cured his chronic illness on a beer and pizza diet. Hope you have some better luck over the next little while mate, stay positive πŸ™‚

    • Haha hey Dan man. Yeah I’ve heard the beer & pizza diet one. Heaps of health guys love throwing that story out πŸ™‚ Its an interseting one but unfortunately far from the solution for me! Oh how I wish πŸ˜‰

  7. Hey Chris

    Sorry I am not up to thoroughly reading this, but I just wanted to let you know that my doctor who is an environmental specialist believes that some patients with CFS – especially those with MCS – suffer with a similar problem that Parkinsons patients do – in that our detox pathways are simply not working.

    I have become so affected by inorganic products and pollution that I now have seizures and dystonia in reaction to even minimal exposure.

    He has me on bicarb – small amounts in water or rubbed directly on my gums, and glutathione powder in very tiny doses because I’m such a strong reactor.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. It’s invaluable for us to share ideas.


    • Amara! Sorry for the delay I get so behind on many things as you may well relate to!

      I have no doubt your environmental specialist is correct. If one has this.. especially to that severe level, and reads all the current info on CFS and poor detox, MCS etc, it is absolutely obvious that this is one of the major root causes. Reacting to every chemical and substance out there is ridiculous and makes it impossible to live in the normal world. Simply put, detoxification pathways not working = a build up of toxins and constant reactions in the body. Where normal bodies just get rid of this stuff easily, hence have no reactions or energy problems. The thing is that most of these substances are in EVERYONES body, but they are easily excreted by normals. For us however, it poisons us as it can’t be delt with. Another reason nothing shows up on blood tests.

      Its interesting how we are all unique with our reactions too. I don’t get seizures etc, I just get incredibly weak, and my body & muscles stiffen up with pain and such dysfunction that I can barely move sometimes for many hours at a time. Even struggle to take physical breaths at the worst of it. Just an absolute overwhelm of toxins jamming up all the systems.

      I wonder how the glutathione went for you and if you’re still on it? I became intolerant to even one drop myself, so cannot do it.

      Ideas are invaluable indeed. It helps us piece it together more clearly in the end. Thank you too!

  8. Reading this with interest as a long term very severe sufferer myself who can tolerate nothing (not even the weather) and who is bed bound. Has anyone contemplated the use of coffee enemas for help detoxing and stimulating glutathione as outlined in the Gerson therapy? Designed for cancer patients I know, but something I’m currently reading about and wondering if it may provide a solution for those of us who can’t detox.

    • Hey Kate. I would be bedbound too if it wasn’t for very meticulous things i’ve figured out for myself. I can get up and down to do a bit around the house now and then (not lifting things but a very little activity). However I’m so messed up in other ways (mostly the gut etc). I can’t tolerate weather either. Especially cold, I cannot STAND IT. Everything just locks up, as if thats not bad enough already.

      Yes a fair few people use coffee enemas, they are supposed to increase glutathione-s-transferase by 700% is the theory. This is an enzyme within the glutathione system but isn’t glutathione itself per se, which still needs to be made from the tri peptide aminos of cysteine, glycine and glutamic acid. It does help the system to work however. For me personally, I’ve tried them on various occasions and they seriously wipe me out. I become heavy as lead and can barely move for a few hours after one. Very draining.

      It’s like you have to have a level of health to be able to tolerate these things, which is a seriously frustrating catch 22! It’s to do with energy production. While cancer patients can feel awful and often aren’t detoxing so well, they still have good energy production (unless on chemo) – they don’t have the block in ATP/Mitochondrial function that we ME/CFS patients have. Therefore their pathways can really activate when stimulated.

      I’ve found more mild to moderate CFS patients can tolerate more detox, and they really get help from it, but many of the more severe ones are made worse by the same therapies. I am still looking myself for a way to start tolerating these life saving treatments. It’s often also to do with heavy metals jamming up the enzyme pathways, which is part of my problem too (mercury inhibits many enzyme pathways).

      The only thing I tolerate, which is now only in super tiny doses, are the methylators Sam-e and DMG. They help hundreds of biochemical functions to flow. If you haven’t tried them I certainly would (cut tablets down into tiny bits and try). Also of course Vitamin C – I use it in high doses (8-12g a day) and it really helps quench oxidative stress, which most of us have a huge problem with. Another rare thing i tolerate, and thankfully so.

      • Chris, thanks for your reply. I’m gradually putting together a picture in my head but am not nearly as well-informed as you. Do you mind if I contact you?


    • My daughter’s osteopath just recommend this because she is so sick. It’s my understanding that it helps the liver clear toxins faster.

      • Can be tried. I unfortunately can’t tolerate them. I tried a few times and I felt extremely wrecked from them. Body couldn’t handle it’s detox, doesn’t have the capacity. I actually become very fatigued from any type of enema and have found there are better ways to do it for those that can’t (very light raw diet for a while, etc).

  9. Have you looked into the Marshall Protocol. There’s information on the web, much more than 5 years ago when I first heard about it. Whether you are in Aus, NZ or USA you should be able to locate a naturopath or a practitioner who can asses your condition and perhaps administer it if appropriate. Its not a detox, it is pharmaceutical based. Oddly this might be an option if detoxing is not helping. Detoxing and natural remedies will only get you so far in my experience. I’ve thought about this option but am in the EU and the news hasnt reached here yet. Good luck.

  10. Having said that, do some research into the Human Biome project. If you have CFS you may find a new perspective on what is causing it, i.e., bacterial biofilm, other bacteria that are making you toxic. This is what the Marshall Protocol focuses on. You may find a new entry point & window-in after which could then allow you to start addressing any deficiencies. There’s no herxing with the Marshall Protocol as it switches on your immune system at cellular level. Really worth reading it appears that medicine and the treatment of chronic disease will be very different in the near future.

  11. Hi Chris, a post I saw of yours on Phoenix Rising made me shudder as I recalled the exact same horrors I’d suffered, and the sense of being hemmed in.

    I’d come the conclusion you shared. The key to correction is controlling detox first. It’s like having working drains in your home before you start cleaning.

    I came to offer you something that just starting working for me to reduce herx. Juicing spinach leaves. It has worked better than anything else. And like you I’ve tried many of the things that are suggested…from the ‘physical’ ones like bentonite clay/charcoal to the chemical ones like glutathione/alpha keto glutarate. Desperate as I am, I tried coffee enemas too.

    Fresh spinach juice has worked best of all.

    I’d categorize myself as very sick in terms of dysfunction and tendency to react to foods and supplements. It’s taken me a long long time to admit this.

    Email me if you need further info on this. I’d stress that for me spinach juice means nothing but spinach. I tried to be clever and added apples and cucumber. I got sick when I added those. So just the narrow path of spinach. Other things pull me into the dominant landscape of ill health.

    • Subscribing to followups…

      • Thanks Luke got your mail, very interesting conclusions from yet another fellow sufferer on the gut and how it is the major cause for so many of us. Especially the worst cases.

  12. Hi Chris, Lemme if you got my email OK (the long and rambling one, LOL). Cheers.

  13. I also am bed bound for the most part, too weak and dizzy for anything. I am tolerating a small amount of glutathione through Apex energetics Repairvite. I’ve also heard of ppl doing coffee enemas for same reason with success. I also take curcumin, Liquid b, large amounts of d3, l-acetyl-cyctene, resveratrol, magnesium, but haven’t added vit c. Milk thistle and curcumin are supposed to increase phase 2 levels of glutathione. I have been doing colonnics and acupuncture, but am too sick for chelation or infrared sauna. Would greatly appreciate any suggestions from others in this situation.

    • Here are some ideas for further investigation.

      Detox supplements that some CFS and Lyme sufferers have used with success:

      AKG – eg Kirkman Labs Alpha Ketoglutarate
      OAKG – Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate
      K-Mag-KG – Source Naturals K-Mag Ketoglutarate
      Yucca Root or Whole Plant

      (AKG, OAKG and K-Mag-KG are variations of the same compound, alpha keto glutarate)

      These 5 supplements reduce ammonia in the blood. L-Ornithine is used at night and helps sleep as as result.

      High ammonia gives me insomnia, joint aches, back ache, anxiety, irritability (prone to anger), self hate and a speeded-up feeling in my thoughts.

      I discovered all these when I successfully controlled it.

      Years ago I came across a guy who reduced his CFS massively to the point where he considered that he had a cure to sell. His remedy contained OAKG as one of the ingredients. The other ingredient was Glutamine.

      I’ve personally found AKG to be more tolerable than OAKG which crashes my energy if I take more than a little.

      • Very interesting, yes have heard about this especially ornithine etc. A good way to reduce ammonia is to reduce protein in the diet. Most people have too much anyway and it is not good for a weaker body that cannot detox and digest very well. It creates toxic metabolites and hinders detox and healing. Of course we need amino acids for building blocks but it’s best to get them from greens and some lentils and veggie sourced ones. Humans definitely don’t need as much as is pumped out by the mainstream.

    • It’s great you are tolerating a small amount of glutathione. I can’t touch it or I would be a lot better of than I am. Coffee enemas don’t raise glutathione but they raise the glutathione-s-transferase enzyme which helps it do and go what/where it needs to. Curcumin I can’t really take, same for many because of the high salicylate content. The other supps are good if tolerated. I find many people take too many supplements which actually are not processed very well but instead hinder the body’s function, and many feel better when they stop them, which is the case for me. I’m only on a small few supps, the main one being high dose vitamin C, which every person with CFS should be on. At least 6grams if not 12-20grams a day. I cannot tolerate colonics or enemas at all, they wipe me out. Same for others I know. Depending on what your diet is like, you should try a low fat mostly raw vegan diet. Lots of fruit smoothies and salads all day, and a low fat veggie meal at night. This helps more than anything far as I have seen so far.

  14. I suspect you have bugs of various kinds that interfere with detox process for own ends. Need to get rid of those first with homotoxicology and then you will begin to detox better. Learnt this from treating my daughter.

  15. Hi Chris, I know this post is half a year old now but I just wanted to let you know that I am going to try your detox diet and your info on glutathione is interesting. I have taken NAC on and off for over a year, my CFS is a lot milder than yours, so maybe there is something in it! I also plan to look in to Vitamin C. I am wondering why you wrote no citrus in the detox? Lemon seems to be a staple for one from what I have read. Thank you for your post x

    • Hi Chloe! So sorry for the delay (and to anyone else reading) I neglected my site for a LONG time as I had a lot going on and just got behind on things. It’s good you can tolerate NAC, that’s a great sign in itself. Vitamin C is amazing! Planning on a youtube vid on that one as I’m just getting my channel going. For citrus it depends, some people don’t feel the best from certain compounds in it, so for a very plain diet it’s best kept out for a little. There is other variations (which I’m updating right now above) of detox diets which are more focused on simply going high raw vegan which is what I did for a couple years and what actually allowed me to get a lot better and more stable than I was. Let me know or email me any time how you’re going now.

  16. It’s been a year and half since I posted here and my experience still tells me the same thing I said then: A key to overcoming CFS is accelerating the detox.

    I keep a health log and my personal data shows me that it’s high toxicity that make me cold, brain foggy, and lethargic. NOT necessarily the bugs themselves. Coldness and lethargy occur together and suggest that toxins disable the ATP/energy production system. Good luck to all!

    • Hey Luke sorry have been very behind on everything on my site here. But that’s great to hear you’ve come to extremely similar conclusions to me! The literally best I have ever felt or could possibly feel is a) when I have nothing but water for a while, or b) do some sort of detox that has a successful period even if short as half a day. When all the horrible junk clears out of the systems (metabolic by-products of living), we finally feel strong, warm, flowing and more well. That is the entire problem though – the detox systems simply can’t keep up with the “normal living process” that healthy people go through every day. Detox is 100% the key, Amen to that.

  17. Wow – so here I am relating more than I care to admit to this post. I have come to understand how poorly I detox (Detox protocols make me herx! Funny….and not so funny). Thank you for this post – time to re-examine detox. Light and love to all of you CFS warriors!

  18. Hello, I love your article it is great. I have also used Diatomascious earth along side clean eating. The DE really made me feel boosted.

    • That’s actually something I’m about to try, something out of the huge list that I haven’t actually yet πŸ™‚ I’ll keep ppl posted how it goes.

  19. Hey Chris, I have done a lot of research about leaky gut, minerals, candida, parasites etc- I can tell you for sure that 99% of the info online is scam including the info on curezone . For example chelation – you need minerals – like selenium to detox mercury – this is the only safe way to detox mercury – no chelation – chelation will make you loose other minerals. Please check this video
    I have heard miracles from people taking single minerals – if you take several – it will be even better. You don’t need detox – you need minerals and other nutrients – in your case for leaky gut – Glutamine and other amino acids, zinc, copper, magnesium etc. Also some essential fatty acids. There are people that regenerated part of their bodys with minerals like their bones – with calcium. What I mean is that Vitamin C , gluthation etc are good buy they can not rebuild the body and enzymes. Also people with candida and cfs seems to have problems with sugars – minerals like chromium and vanadium can cure insulin resistance and diabetes for 1 -2 weeks – definitely will help with candida too. Please do some research about minerals and amino acids – their lack is the real problem – yes genetics have a role but it is not so important. Also very important with minerals – balance is everything – I mean more does not mean better – body just needs right amounts. Have you tried to eat raw animal products – raw eggs or sashimi or raw milk, raw butter raw honey – they don’t need your body to produce enzimes in order to digest them?

    • I’ll have to disagree with you on some points there. You’re definitely right in the aspect that we need more minerals and nutrients, and *many* people are mineral deficient with chronic long term health problems, CFS, Firbo, Lyme, digestive disorders, candida, etc etc. I have been through this for over 15 years now, and no amount of minerals or nutrients have healed my condition. They’ve definitely helped, but not fixed. This is not the only answer and it most definitely does NOT eliminate the need to detoxify.

      It is very well known in CFS and chronic illness circles that our detox systems are shot / slow and dysfunctional. Most come up with low to very low glutathione levels, the stuff that keeps us as humans from dying from an overwhelming amount of metabolic by-products. Without these systems running we simply drag behind from all the waste from general living that cannot move out of the body quick enough. The *only way* is to give the body a break by detoxing. I’m not talking about scammy ‘detox teas’ and so on, I’m talking about eating light, low fat raw food, juicing and temporary fasts (one day) etc. There is scam detox (pills powder and teas) and there is real detox.

      The word detox simply means to take the burden off the organs and allow them to function easier and quicker. This is the reason that every CFS patient feels so much better when they don’t eat and only drink water (depending on whether their blood sugar system can handle that / or how long it can). If I can go 16 hours without eating and only water, I will start to feel great. But the next best thing is eating only fruit and salad. I did this for 2 years and it literally saved my life because my body COULD NOT possibly handle normal food. One egg would shut my body down for 6-7 hours, and I could barely move my limbs or breathe properly (yes even raw). *No amount* of minerals or nutrients would have helped the extremely severe state I was in. My liver could not handle a THING. I *had to* eat raw low fat fruit and salad only to survive, and it worked. It allowed my body to detox (and keep living) so much that my systems gradually improved and I was finally able to eat many more things again without such extremely severe problems. I could no chance on earth eat the things you mention above. My body would have shut down immediately. It had to be low fat, high raw vegan food.

      Heard of the Gerson therapy? There’s a reason a huge amount of people get big improvements with cancer and other illnesses from that diet, and it’s because it’s a vegan based nearly no fat diet. The organs and channels of the body can finally flow and heal without all that heavy fat and animal products blocking it up. It’s really phenomenal. When I heard about Gerson after everything I’d been through, I knew 10,000% why it works.. and that’s because I had been through something so bad that my body almost didn’t work anymore, and the only thing that would allow it to work (a.k.a stay alive) was due to a strict low fat, high raw vegan diet. And no the sugars didn’t hurt me at all from all that huge amount of fruit. In fact quite the opposite, I’m alive because of it πŸ™‚

      I’m not saying what you’re saying doesn’t hold value as yes, most of us need minerals and nutrients, but by my own extreme near death and back to life (many times over 16 years) experience, I can tell you that detox in the right way, holds a huge value and is one of the biggest keys to many people’s CFS.

  20. Here is an example what I meaned – please check how fast this guy cured CFS

    check the minerals he used – minerals are involved in energy production in every cell. Vitamins can not function without minerals – most people take vitamins and that’s why nothing happens or they eat healthy foods but most foods miss minerals because soils are depleted especially in so called first world countries. I mean when you buy bananas they should have magnesium for example but in reality they don’t. Another example with mercury – all that mercury do is it leads to selenium deficiency and selenium is needed for thyroid to function – if you take enough selenium mercury can do no harm to you. Selenium also helps to recycle glutathione – minerals are real detox – not fasting.

    • I read it, but sorry I have to say that if these minerals worked as a miraculous cure as it did for this guy, then many of us very intelligent CFS patients, researchers and scientists would no longer need to research or try anything, because we would all be cured. In 16 years of severe CFS stemming from an incredibly strange and severe digestive disorder (where my body, detox and digestive organs struggle to work and only do so minimally without a lot of assistance), these or any other minerals (yes I have taken these and MANY others sometimes in large amounts, and yes many single minerals like selenium for a good decent period) DO NOT CURE MY SEVERE CFS. They help in various ways, but only subtly.. and the existing underlying problem is always still there. You know what helps my body feel and work the best it possibly can? Fasting, or the methods I mention above numerous times.

      One cannot make these claims for every person without knowing their intimate history and what they have already done for themselves. I really am surprised that these simple minerals could help this guy so much. He likely didn’t have a very severe illness if it was a simple mineral deficiency. I have some very intelligent friends with severe CFS (I’m talking PhD’s in health and nutrition) who have taken all of the best most bio-available forms of minerals there are in both replacement/trace amounts plus therapeutic amounts, and they are still only just getting by, with no great miracle like this guy mentioned above. Maybe he did have a very hard time, but found his answer: simple minerals cured him, that’s fantastic. Each person needs to find their own root cause, for that is the thing that’s going to help the most. But most definitely there are so many different root causes that one persons miracle is not going to work the same for everyone.

      So yes minerals do hold a greatly important value.. as mentioned the modern world is vastly depleted of them. However they are *not* the cure for true, real Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome. They will only be a cure for those people who have some health issues directly due to severe mineral deficiencies. There are literally millions of people who will claim testament to the very great power of giving the body a period of cleansing detox to heal and regenerate, since ancient times even, and for a reason. It works πŸ™‚

  21. Do you have root canals?

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