If Only..

If Only I could go back in time, and tell my younger self all the things I know now. Haven’t we all said that at some point?

Perhaps I could have avoided many of the severities I deal with now. Perhaps my health wouldn’t have gotten so bad. Maybe even reversed the path that led me here right now with the knowledge I have attained.

To have this knowledge right back then would give a sensitive body a better fighting chance at avoiding where I am today. After all.. hindsight is 20/20.

Despite how it is.. I never stop fighting. Really hard. Every day. And will until I come out of this thing, whether that be of my own discoveries or the amazing strides science is now taking with these issues.

Whatever stage you are up to, try to see signs of possibly overdoing things or going in the wrong direction in your own life. Slow down, reflect, really listen to you heart. Listen to your body & soul. What are they telling you to do? What will make your own life a happy, long, fulfilling one? Listen closely because sometimes it’s hard, especially in times of difficulty.

Be gentle with yourself.
Be kind to and encourage others.
Be generous, it will reward your soul.
Look out for each other. Ask if people are ok.
Be kind to animals: they are innocent, and just as important as you.
Laugh a lot, every day.
Eat rich organic food as much as possible.
Drink pure water, fresh pressed juices & herbal teas, rarely sugary junk drinks.
Get regular sunlight & fresh air.
Spend time in nature. Sit in a quiet forest, see how your mind feels.
Find what foods you are allergic & intolerant to.
See an integrative practitioner, they know far more than regular docs.
Never get amalgam fillings in, get them removed if you have them.
Don’t stress over things too much in life.
Don’t harbour anger, it hardens your heart.
Don’t judge others on things you know nothing about.
Meditation ,prayer or mantras can help (think of monks etc)
Listen to beautiful music, it soothes the soul.
Get exercise (or movement) as you can, even if just stretching. Keeps things toned and functional.
Help those in need when you can.
Love everyone in your life like there’s no tomorrow.

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