Skype Calls

I am now doing Skype calls, seeing as so many people frequently ask me health related questions, which can be difficult to keep up with. This way we can have a proper conversation, and one can ask me questions / talk about specific topics etc.

I’m not a qualified medical practitioner and don’t offer medical advice, however am very happy to discuss my experiences with many different topics related to health and ME/CFS, Fibro, MCS, general fatigue, intolerances, digestion and so on. I have however been testing, research and trialing treatments, supplements, diets and so on since 2001, and am happy to share my experiences with this.

Sometimes people just need like minded, experienced folk to discuss things with to help work out their own problems, and I enjoy being able to do that for people. 🙂

Book a time with me via the contact page or



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