Excellent ME/CFS Videos

These are some of the best videos on ME/CFS I’ve found. They describe the illness in great detail, true eye openers. You will know more than 98% of physicians about ME/CFS after watching these.

Whitney DaFoe – Professor Ron Davis explains his son’s story

Voices From the Shadows – Award Winning CFS Documentary

What’s it like to have ME? – Get well from ME

Norwegian Breakthrough in ME/CFS (Rituximab discovery)

Young Man Ben Di Pasquale Can Barely Function (Close to Home)

10 Areas of Treatment to look at (Get well from ME)

Stanford’s Dr. Jose Montoya on CFS – Great for physicians

Excellent presentation by Professor Kenny De MeirLeir:
He talks about the significance of leaky gut, bacterial imbalance, endotoxic hydrogen sulphide production, and how they damage the mitochondrial/ATP energy production cycle.

CFS/ME CDC “Missing My Life”

Laurel’s October 2009 ME/CFS Testimony to the CFSAC

Click for My Story: | Part 1 | Part 2: 7 Weeks in Hospital | Part 3: Heart & ER | Part 4: Hospital Again – No Answers | Part 5: Long overdue update! 2012-2017

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